Just for one day…

Tojo Yamamoto

Check out Tojo Yamamoto for your dancing pleasure.

Magnolia Cafe South



texas (st)ranger.

dust hangs, it’s hot but there isn’t that moisture

but the cliche’ doesn’t fit here, it’s not so much dry as it is

heavy, with a weight that could suffocate and outside of the city

i know it does.

you can see it in the eyes of drivers of one pick-em-up truck

after the other. dead smothered, but so self-important

don’t mess with texas, we can handle it all by ourselves.

merry things.

tis that season of forced socialization and gifting regurgitation. enjoy the moments you find in the middle of the bullshit.


trying to simplify is complex but i continue to work on it.

calaveras de azucar

i like the idea of celebrating the dead instead of mourning for them. although, i, personally, don’t know how to do that since my grieving process isn’t that sophisticated. it seems in parts of Mexican culture, it is believed that death is not the final stage in one’s life but rather a step forward into a higher level of conscience. as i daily age a bit more and grind towards that inevitable, i’d like to think that higher level of consciousness awaits…and that there’s good tunes and some of the fine Mexican folks there have brought some homemade tortillas.

dragonfly wants a piece of pie.

Can’t be what you outta be
Gotta be what you wanna be

Take it with pride and
Like a dragonfly
Dragonfly wants a piece of pie
But he is so strung out

Shake me off the knife because I want to go home

from Dragonfly Pie, Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks