kicks in the sticks.

Stuart Holden

I am happy to see small pockets of closeted footie heads pop up here in the buckle of the bible belt. it wasn’t so long ago that the kid an I would watch an El Classico at BW3s without the sound with one other table of interested viewers in the whole place who were generally students at UK who were from Spain. the U.S. performance at the Gold Cup (before you even start, I know, the level of competition was terrible and it was our B+ squad) gives the casual fan something to latch onto, higher scores, NFL style mouthing and shoving and of course, patriotism! don’t get me wrong, whatever gets folks interested enough to watch only helps the sport, the quality of broadcasts and the amount of athletic kids who choose to play soccer in the country instead of baseball. what kid actually could possibly enjoy baseball, like watching paint dry without the ‘riods in the game? but i’m digressing. with no shortage of good beer joints in the town, i’m talking to you @westsixth @thebeertrappe @countryboybrew @lexbeerworks @bluestallionbc @mellowmushlex @pazzospizzapub and @lynaghsirishpub and yes, they all have TVs and yes, they will actually tune them to soccer. there’s finally a local chapter of the American Outlaws even which is something i wanted to happen for half a dozen years. so central kentucky is finally showing some soccer stripes, publicly. sure there were always handfuls of fans watching at home or showing up for early morning world cup games or champions league finals but you get the feeling that it’s okay to show up with a jersey, a scarf, a good beer and raise a little Hell for 90 minutes without looking like a freak in the sea of Miller Lite swilling Big Blue fans waiting around for basketball season while discussing how bad we still are in the SEC in football (the other kind). for once maybe, you can not only drive your kid to soccer practice, you can go out and enjoy a game with like-minded soccer heads. so, if you are one, pledge allegiance, our time has come…?

p.s. shout out to Stu Holden. stay strong, we will be awaiting your imminent return son.



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